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Conditions of Use -

1. Validity
Deliveries, obligations and offers of the Curly Sue GbR company, in the following called "seller", will only be done on the base of the following terms of use. Different conditions needs our written agreement.

2. Offer and conclusion of agreement
A customer’s order is binding. A contract of sale is concluded, when the seller sent the confirmation of order to the customer either via eMail, via Fax or via letter.

3. Prices
The price quotation on our websites is not binding. All written prices are gross prices plus costs of transportation. Prices are inclusiv the actual german value added tax.

4. Transportation and transition of risk
The transportation of products will be done by a service hired from the seller (usually DHL) in between Germany. If the transportation will be done through a carrier, the products are sent free kerb. The cost of the transportation is always shown during the online-order of the products and are also shown on our webpages. The seller sends the products usually, correspondending to the value of the products, insured. The risk is on the customer’s side as soon as the sending service / carrier have given the products to him. The customer has to check the products to damages as soon as he get the delivery. Possible damage of transportation have to be announced to the transportation service/carrier immediately.

5. Delivery
The products will be delivered to the delivery adress given by the customer. The time of delivery is not binding and can variate from the real times of delivery. A possible delay of the delivery will be announced to the customer immediately. Has an order been sended in several deliveries, these particular deliveries are for free. If the customer will not accept the delivery without any reason, the seller is entitled to calculate the expenses up to 10% of the value of the products.

6. Terms of payment
The customer is able to pay the products via previous payment (transfer) onto the following account:

Curly Sue
Account No. 48079
Bank: Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg

International Banking Arrangement:

7. Reservation of proprietary rights
The delivered products are in our possesion up to the complete payment.

8. Right to cancellation
Your conclusion of the agreement can be canceled within two weeks without any reasons either in written form (e.g. letter, fax or email to or by sending back the products to the seller. This is not possible for conclusions of an agreement made in commercial or self-employed professional use (business orders). The deadline starts earliest by receipt of the products and this explanation. For preservation of this frist it is enough to send either the written cancellation or the products in time. The cancellation have to be adressed to:

Curly Sue
Netzestrasse 14
D-71638 Ludwisburg

In case of an effective cancellation the received obligations and the taken use have been given back. If the customer cannot give the whole or parts of the obligations back or the products are in bad conditions, the customer have to replace the value. This is not necessary, if the decline is exclusivly caused by trying the products like it would be possible in a store. The customer can avoid replacements of value if he doesen’t use the products at all and avoid everything that influence the value of the products. Products, send by a transportation service have to be sent back on the seller’s risk, products send by carrier will be collected from the customer.
The customer has to pay the cost of transportation, if the delivered products correspondent to the ordered products or the price of the back sending products is less than 40,00 Euro or the price is 40,00 Euro and more and the customer has not paid the whole amaount yet or a contractual reconciled hire-purchase isn´t done in the moment of the cancellation.
The right of cancellation doesn´t exist for:
- products made on base of the clients specifications
- products which are - due to their character - not suitable for sending back or can fast be ruined or have a exceeded expiry date
- audio- or videorecording or software, as soon as the customer has broken the seal
- newspapers or magazines

9. Liability
The sellers liability refers to the value of the products offered by the seller. A liability past that, e.g. for subsequent damage, missing profit or each kind of wealthdamage, caused by not or wrong delivery or not functioning, is impossible. The seller exclude the personal liability against the customer, except intent and gross negligence, for his legitimated representative, accomplice or employers.

10. Law of the land
These terms of use and the business relationship between seller and customer are based on the laws of The Republic of Germany. Other national or international laws of sale are impossible.

11. Data protection
The datas of the customers are dealed confidentially and only be safed for the use of the process of the customers order. The datas doesn´t give away to a third party. Excepted therefrom are our service partners, whome operate our delivery, e.g. DHL or banks. In this cases the transfer based on the necessary minimum of datas.

12. Contract fulfilling place and court of jurisdiction
For all claims out of the business connection between businessmen, included bill- and chequeclaims, Ludwigsburg (Germany) is the only court of jurisdiction. The court of jurisdiction in Ludwigsburg (Germany) is also commited, if the customer hasn´t a general court of jurisdiction in Germany, or move his domicile from Germany to a foreign country after the conclusion of the agreement or his domicile isn´t known in the moment of the institution of proceedings.

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